"In 2007, a friend and I toured the exhibition of J.M.W. Turner at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. This 19th century artist remains today and one of the best known and admired of all British artists. What I came away with was his free flowing attention to loose detail. I was in awe how his swiping brush strokes created an atmosphere that pulls you into the paintings. I quickly started a large canvas and built layers and layers of acrylic washes to create "Lake of Gold". It took me over a year to perfect the landscape image as it is today. The styles of Turner and Monet are strong influences of my art today. The painting sold this weekend to a private buyer. I hope they have a lifetime of exploring deep into the painting's landscape and finding new images they didn't know were there when they first hung the painting."
- Herb Pulliam

  Herb’s paintings evoke a sense of tranquility, of a time and place where Nature’s simple lily needed no gilding by the intrusive hand of man. Light upon Nature – that’s all it takes.

– Jack Blanton

  The use and effect of light in your works utterly transports one to a time and place that is sublime. Seemingly, the influences are unmistakable- Hudson Valley to Luminism. The only brighter light is your own spirit.

– Arthur Nobile Jr, Palm Beach

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"My art reflects the memories of sunlight at various stages in my life.” These words describe a lifelong relationship between Herb Pulliam and the love of nature and all its wonders interpreted from his subconscious onto canvas. “These paintings are actually a collage of different elements as seen throughout my traveling experiences melded with emotional imagery of those recollections.” From childhood, being raised in Appomattox, Virginia near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Herb has a respect and awe of the sun’s influence on different moods. Whether the vista is daybreak or twilight, clear sky or overcast, the presence of sunlight in his work is always powerful. Mountains are reduced to abstract lines dwarfed by the brilliance of light. A seascape emits motion not in the water, but above it. “My purpose is to create enough of an image on canvas to allow viewers to insert their own imagination and experience. Therefore the emotion is an intimate one comprised of the ethereal depiction on canvas coupled with the personal memories evoked by the viewer."
- Herb Pulliam

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